Blueberries are on sale at the supermarket for $1.50/pint, limit 6 per customer. This is a very, very good price. I bought six pints and he bought six pints in the next checkout lane over. Three pints are already gone: I ate two directly (and rapidly) from the container and used most of another for blueberry muffins, eating what didn’t fit in the batter. In the new issue of O that just arrived there’s an article about a woman who lives on a small blueberry farm and it includes quite a few recipes for the fruit. The recipes look really good — cheese-filled crepes, peach and blueberry cobbler, arugula and feta salad, creamy blueberry-lime parfaits — and yet at first I couldn’t imagine making any of them unless I had a huge surplus of blueberries. Why waste them in a dish when they’re so good eaten fresh? I feel that way about a lot of fruit, actually. I’d choose perfect ripe peaches over peach pie any day. Less than an hour after expressing this sentiment at lunch I found the blueberry sale at the store and behold! A potential blueberry surplus! I’ll stop by after class tonight to buy another 6 pints.

I was relieved to see that the store set a limit. How would I know when to stop, otherwise? Blueberry season happens for just a few weeks and I spend the rest of the year pining for them, and I know that after eating all of them I’ll still wish I had more. But just how much money would I spend? $15? $20? $45? $150? Is it possible I could reach a point where I say, “You know what, I think I’d rather not eat any blueberries today, thank you”?

June 15, 2008. Words.


  1. admin replied:

    It’s up to $27 now.

  2. mom replied:

    priced blueberries here last night and thought of you. $5 for a bitsy container

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