My mom sent me a photo of her two new goats.  It makes me smile.

June 18, 2008. Pictures, Words.

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  1. mom replied:

    And the milk of the white one Carmel Angel, who is just a year, and had darling twins that live now in 2 locations, is superb! She is so patient, while tied to the half made milking stand. Ginger brown one butts a lot, age 6. Three years ago she had quads that all lived, and I have to say, her udder has 4 cow-like teats that might have all functioned. Then she had a set of twins, and this spring a set of twins. None are pg now, they get a rest.
    Glad they made you smile.
    However, the roof access tree days are numbered. The neighbor expert came last night and we determined a plan to deny roof hooves springboarding from the tree. Eventually the tree will be gone, but the main stump and goat branch will be left as a goat toy.
    It is, after all, a brand new shingle roof replacing the tin roof (thank you hail storm of -06).

    Sorry about the heat. Come play with goats 🙂 in slightly cooler MN.

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