My elliptical machine is broken

I found out tonight that my elliptical machine is broken.  The screen lights up and then nothing happens when I press the buttons to choose the program, level, time, difficulty, etc.  I can still use it, just without getting to adjust the settings or choose a time.  It’s possible that the connecting wire for the controls is simply loose.  The last time I used it was maybe in January, if not earlier, so it’s hard to say when exactly it stopped working.  I’ll try to fix it sometime this week so that I can start using it again.  I’ve been slowly gaining weight again because I haven’t been exercising.

June 24, 2008. Words.

One Comment

  1. mom replied:

    Isn’t it still under warranty for something internal like that?
    Hope so.
    Back to the stronger bone program (me too!)
    Love, Mom

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