Apron Swap!!

I came across the Sassy Apron Swap today when I was browsing a few quilting sites that I check periodically and I’m excited about hopefully being part of the next swap. Note to self: remember to send the email on July 14 to sign up. From what I gather, each participant makes an apron during each swap and sends it to another person. I also found the Booming Aprons July Halloween Apron Swap. I love this whole idea of an apron swap — it reminds me of chain letters that seemed so exciting when I was a kid, except I’ll actually participate this time. I’ve only made a couple aprons before, so hopefully I’ll come up with something that is worthy of the swap. I’m excited!!

June 25, 2008. Words.


  1. mom replied:

    Weird but entertaining concept.
    How, exactly, does it work? Someone assigns you a recipient, or the next on the list, or?

  2. admin replied:

    The organizers will assign and announce our partners June 30. I’m not sure if it’s a direct reciprocal exchange or not, or how much we’ll be in contact with the others before sending the aprons. I’m pretty sure there’s a Flickr or Picasa site for everybody to share pictures and a blog too. I’ll post updates as I find out more.

  3. mom replied:

    One of the sites, forget which, said 9 people owed aprons,and shame on them for getting one and not sending one out. Wonder what percentage that is.
    It is a fun concept tho.

  4. admin replied:

    Our Halloween in July swap has 56 participants, and I think that group was bigger. Nine missing aprons is a 10-15% absence rate. Hopefully at least of few of those 9 stragglers sent off belated aprons.

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