I was out until 2:30 a.m. attending my first midnight “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.  Only one of the 7 of us didn’t dress in (sexy) costume, and in general I had a great time.  After such a late night that included a few drinks,I was surprised to wake up before noon.  After lunch at U.S. Egg, I went to the game studio office to work on accounting homework while he worked on his book.  After 15 minutes of reading the final pages of the chapter I was overwhelmed with sleepiness.  I set aside my textbook and lay down on the couch.  I woke up three hours later.  I still haven’t done my problem set.

Things I have done: 1) Renewed my 2-year cell phone contract and ordered a new phone.  Within a week I should be back in phone contact.  2) Booked my flight to Las Vegas in August to meet two college friends.  3) Watched some music videos.  4) Took out Cap. Poopers.

June 8, 2008. Words. Leave a comment.

Week summary

  • I started my accounting class on Monday. I’m really enjoying the whole learning thing — reading the textbook, taking notes, doing homework, the whole shebang. I was disappointed to find that the $100 book isn’t even a book, though. It’s a big stack of three-hole-punched pages. Not photocopies or anything, it’s actual sleek color pages from the publisher, just without a binding. I suppose it explains why it was $60 less expensive than through Still disappointing.
  • The Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup on Wednesday in game 6 of the finals. They deserved to win. I was hoping it would be in a very exciting 7th game in front of a home crowd, although I suppose this is alright too. Now I’ll have to satisfy my hockey cravings with online news and videos until the fall. Here’s a recommendation:
  • My cell phone didn’t make it home with me from dinner and ice cream on Tuesday after either falling out of my bag or being left on the table. I called the restaurants the next morning (from work) and they didn’t have it. I logged into my account and saw that somebody had used it for six minutes the night before at 11:49 p.m. to call “FonoChat, the Hottest Place to Meet Sexy Hispanic Singles”, so I don’t think I’m getting it back. I suspended my account that morning and won’t reinstate it until I get a new phone sometime in the next week. It’s weird to be out of contact. I hope nobody is trying to call me and getting a “number not in service” message.

June 7, 2008. Words. Leave a comment.

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