Q. Is 8:13 p.m. too early for sleep?

A. No. If you slept only four hours the previous night and your eyes are closing as you read the internet on the couch, then going to bed at 8:13 p.m. is a reasonable thing to do.

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Living the dream

Tonight a friend came over and we watched the first four episodes of “Dawson’s Creek”. I had a goal (watch the entire series) and I am actively achieving that goal while thoroughly enjoying the process. Dreams do come true, kids, they do come true if you put in the time and effort and gritty determination. The next DVD will arrive on Wednesday or Thursday, and I think I’ve found a partner in the endeavor. Together, we will succeed.

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“The Dark Knight”

I saw “The Dark Knight” at an IMAX theater this evening and enjoyed it.  I could have done with less death and less time spent on car chases.  Overall I enjoyed it.

Before heading out to the movie I finished my Halloween in July apron for my first swap and now it’s time to pack it up to mail tomorrow.  It turned out just as great as I was imagining when I decided on the design.  I signed up for two more apron swaps that are due Sept. 1 and Sept. 15.  I can’t start making them until the recipients are assigned in a couple weeks, in case my partner has specific color, style, or size requests.  If she’s 250 pounds or hates anything green, for example, I need to know that before designing it.

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More shopping, plus rain!

I went to Ross yesterday with a friend and then again this afternoon.  I bought jeans for $10, a striped button down shirt that I’ll share custody of with my friend, and a pair of high-heeled shiny red shoes that I was eyeing yesterday and refrained from buying until I still liked them today.   I’ll wear them tomorrow with a black skirt and a new blouse.

On the way to the mall the downpour started.  I dropped off my friend at the door and she still got really wet, and then I had to walk 15 parking spaces through water that sloshed over my flip-flops.  By the time I got to the door it looked like I had stepped into the shower fully clothed.  I stood outside wringing the water from my hair before I stepped inside, and my jeans and shirt were soaked through.

When we left a couple hours later the rain was negligible and the parking lot was flooded.  Cars were sitting with water dangerously close to the engines as their owners innocently wandered the mall, possibly not even aware that it was raining.  The local news reports that some areas got 2 inches of rain, and a section of Hwy 60 about a mile from the mall was closed due to flooding.  Quite a few cars stalled when trying to drive through flooded sections of streets in around the city, and water ran into a few apartment homes near one particularly flooded section.  Monsoon season is here!

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We got the keys to the house this afternoon! He has become part of the proud American tradition of first-time homeownership, and I have joined the ranks of the slightly more humble group of those living with someone who is part of the proud American tradition of first-time homeownership.

We met the neighbors from one side this evening, and had already met the other side’s when they came out to say hello at the end of the inspection day. One couple is probably in their sixties, the other is a bit younger with a daughter possibly in our age range. They said that it’s a lovely street to live on, with quite a few people who have lived there for 40 years. Translation: old. That explains why the first couple we met said it was good to see “a nice young family moving in”. The woman immediately asked about children and after a moment of disappointment learning that we did not have any babies for her to hold, she brightened at the mention of the dog; she has cats, she said, and spends lots of time with them because she’s retired.

The dog came with us to check out the new place that is now Ours and nudged open the little dog door on her own and sniffed around the whole backyard. I had planned to use the pool this Saturday but upon seeing it decided it might need a maintenance check by the pool guy and a cleaning first. The temperature was perfect, though. It’s a deep pool — no diving board, but deep enough to dive off the side if one were so inclined. I’ll spend most of my time lounging in the shallow end, lounging in the sun on deck, and once in awhile doggy-paddling a few short laps.

We’re not moving in until the end of the month or the first part of August. In the meantime we’ll be cleaning it, buying appliances, choosing furniture, hiring a handyman to fix a few things, etc. And using the pool as soon as it’s ready.  First I need to buy a lounge chair

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Cell phone theft update

My cell phone bill shows that whoever took my phone also cost me $4.98 in “premium charges” in addition to the cost of buying a new phone, re-signing for a new contract, etc.  New theory: some guy found the phone and decided to keep it for himself.  He called FonoChat to talk to the Valley’s Hottest Hispanic Sexy Singles, then his girlfriend surprised him so he cut the call short, and to erase any suspicions he said, “Baby, I got you a new cell phone.”  She was still mad about previous transgressions and after accepting the phone she downloaded Perdoname by La Factoria as the ring tone.  Rough translation of the song: the guy is asking forgiveness for leaving her without explanation yesterday and being unfaithful last night, she at first says no because she’s hurting too much, then says ok one more chance because she never stopped loving him and this time he has to make it work.

Nine minutes later, at 12:10 a.m., the cell phone thief has convinced her of how much he cares and dedicates “Bendita La Luz” by Mana to her on the radio, and she downloads that as the new ringtone instead.  The singer is saying how blessed is the light, blessed is the light of her gaze, and blessed is God for having them meet in the road by chance and blessed be their destiny together.

The next morning I suspended the service around 11:00 in the morning.  At 12:28 and 12:29 p.m. the girlfriend with the phone called 611 Customer Care for 1 minute each time to find out why her new phone wasn’t working anymore.  I wonder if she talked to a customer service rep and if so, what they had to say…  I bet she was mad at her boyfriend, though.  “You can’t even steal a good phone for me?  You need to take care of me, baby, not  give me crap that don’t work no more after a few hours!  What’s yo problem, papi!?”

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Holiday weekend

I spent Friday afternoon and evening at ZoeJane’s place, playing in their new pool. It’s like a resort. The pool is lined with tiny pebbles that are refreshing on the feet as long as you don’t accidentally scrape the tops of your toes while kicking because you’re in a shallower part than you thought (which I did, not surprisingly). There’s a rock waterfall, and colored lights in the pool at night. There’s an outdoor shower with a bench tucked discretely behind the corner of the house, and climbing vines spaced around the walls, and attractive desert landscaping. The small palm trees and bushes even have little spotlights that shine on them at night, so that the hotel guests can admire the decorative shrubbery.

They set up a volleyball net across the middle of the pool (using built-in anchor holes for the poles) and we played several games using a beach ball. Between the two chaise lounges was a large umbrella that provided a bit of shade for the pool goers. After dark we admired the fireworks of a city celebration several miles away, and then watched “300”. He set up a screen on the pool and used his projector/laptop/new wireless speakers combo; half of us got back in the pool to watch the movie. I paddled around during the boring, violent fight scenes that took up about half the movie.

Yesterday I spent a few hours at our apartment pool reading and lazily floating around. 110 degrees is just fine while in the bathwater-warm pool.

This afternoon I made pasta salad and egg salad and attempted to assemble my latest quilt. I quickly found that I had underestimated the size so went back to Joann to buy more backing. They didn’t have more of the same fabric so I bought all new soft flannel, which is in the dryer right now, and I’ll use the original material on a future project. Now it’s time to read chapter 7 and do the homework problems, and then before I know it it’ll be time to go to bed.

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Accounting Midterm Results

I took the midterm for my summer accounting class on Monday night and I was surprised to find that it didn’t go as well as I thought it would.  I had expected it to be easy and straightforward, and instead I wasn’t sure of entire sections of the test.  We got them back yesterday.  It was out of 200 points, plus there was an extra credit question worth 10 points.  I got 207, one of two people in the class of maybe 25 people to get an A+.  Six people got D’s or F’s.  I shouldn’t have gotten full credit on a question that I did, but even if that had been changed it still would have been 200.  I was again surprised, this time to find that it had in fact gone as well as I originally thought it would.

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Picasa albums

I have created two more web albums in response to the overwhelming demand. One will showcase my various Fashions, and another will document the glorious life of an old Dog. My blouse today received 7 separate compliments: 6 from people at the office and 1 from the clerk at the grocery store.

July 2, 2008. What I Wore to Work Today, Words. 2 comments.

New Office Clothes

I went to Ross and Xi tonight at the nearby mall and bought six new shirts for nice low prices.  All but one are acceptable for work.  The 6th is a silly zebra stripe tiny vest.  It’s similar to this but zebra-y and the neck ties with a black ribbon.  I couldn’t figure out how to put it on at first (it’s confusing when it’s unbuttoned and the neck is still tied!) and my shopping partner was coaching me: “Put your arms through here, like a shirt… No, it goes around your neck… No, not like a cape…”  Finally I untied the neck and started from scratch.  I don’t know when or where I’ll wear it and yet I wanted it so I bought it, trusting myself on this one.  It’s quite risqué without anything under it, and trying-real-hard-sexy with a bright bra, and cute with a tank top and jeans.

A couple of the tops  are different from anything I’ve owned before.  One blouse is a sheer black, khaki, and yellow print with dashes of leopard and more zebra with floral.  The shape is kind of like this with a black satin square neckline and looks surprisingly officey with a black knee-length skirt and heels.  Another blouse is a bit like this in sheer white with little blue dots.

They’re all good for the office with trousers or a skirt and could also work under a jacket or suit if needed.   Once again I’m rolling into a phase where I want to dress up more for work, if only to get myself psyched up for finding a better job where people earn more money and have job titles like financial analyst II and marketing database consultant and associate actuary and carry papers to work in briefcases or office-specific purses and don’t look out of place if they’re wearing suits if they feel like it.  And ties!  Mm, I love the look of a man in a button shirt, slacks, and a tie.   (Yes, I realize that I just categorized a “better job” based on superficial criteria.)

If I were to get a job next week at a firm with a stricter dress code, what would I wear?  I certainly don’t own enough to last more than a couple days of business attire, if even that (since I don’t own a suit), and I’ve slipped into wearing rather casual “business casual” at work.  It’s time to dress myself into the job I want rather than the job I have.

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