New Office Clothes

I went to Ross and Xi tonight at the nearby mall and bought six new shirts for nice low prices.  All but one are acceptable for work.  The 6th is a silly zebra stripe tiny vest.  It’s similar to this but zebra-y and the neck ties with a black ribbon.  I couldn’t figure out how to put it on at first (it’s confusing when it’s unbuttoned and the neck is still tied!) and my shopping partner was coaching me: “Put your arms through here, like a shirt… No, it goes around your neck… No, not like a cape…”  Finally I untied the neck and started from scratch.  I don’t know when or where I’ll wear it and yet I wanted it so I bought it, trusting myself on this one.  It’s quite risqué without anything under it, and trying-real-hard-sexy with a bright bra, and cute with a tank top and jeans.

A couple of the tops  are different from anything I’ve owned before.  One blouse is a sheer black, khaki, and yellow print with dashes of leopard and more zebra with floral.  The shape is kind of like this with a black satin square neckline and looks surprisingly officey with a black knee-length skirt and heels.  Another blouse is a bit like this in sheer white with little blue dots.

They’re all good for the office with trousers or a skirt and could also work under a jacket or suit if needed.   Once again I’m rolling into a phase where I want to dress up more for work, if only to get myself psyched up for finding a better job where people earn more money and have job titles like financial analyst II and marketing database consultant and associate actuary and carry papers to work in briefcases or office-specific purses and don’t look out of place if they’re wearing suits if they feel like it.  And ties!  Mm, I love the look of a man in a button shirt, slacks, and a tie.   (Yes, I realize that I just categorized a “better job” based on superficial criteria.)

If I were to get a job next week at a firm with a stricter dress code, what would I wear?  I certainly don’t own enough to last more than a couple days of business attire, if even that (since I don’t own a suit), and I’ve slipped into wearing rather casual “business casual” at work.  It’s time to dress myself into the job I want rather than the job I have.

July 1, 2008. Words.

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