Cell phone theft update

My cell phone bill shows that whoever took my phone also cost me $4.98 in “premium charges” in addition to the cost of buying a new phone, re-signing for a new contract, etc.  New theory: some guy found the phone and decided to keep it for himself.  He called FonoChat to talk to the Valley’s Hottest Hispanic Sexy Singles, then his girlfriend surprised him so he cut the call short, and to erase any suspicions he said, “Baby, I got you a new cell phone.”  She was still mad about previous transgressions and after accepting the phone she downloaded Perdoname by La Factoria as the ring tone.  Rough translation of the song: the guy is asking forgiveness for leaving her without explanation yesterday and being unfaithful last night, she at first says no because she’s hurting too much, then says ok one more chance because she never stopped loving him and this time he has to make it work.

Nine minutes later, at 12:10 a.m., the cell phone thief has convinced her of how much he cares and dedicates “Bendita La Luz” by Mana to her on the radio, and she downloads that as the new ringtone instead.  The singer is saying how blessed is the light, blessed is the light of her gaze, and blessed is God for having them meet in the road by chance and blessed be their destiny together.

The next morning I suspended the service around 11:00 in the morning.  At 12:28 and 12:29 p.m. the girlfriend with the phone called 611 Customer Care for 1 minute each time to find out why her new phone wasn’t working anymore.  I wonder if she talked to a customer service rep and if so, what they had to say…  I bet she was mad at her boyfriend, though.  “You can’t even steal a good phone for me?  You need to take care of me, baby, not  give me crap that don’t work no more after a few hours!  What’s yo problem, papi!?”

July 6, 2008. Words.

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