Holiday weekend

I spent Friday afternoon and evening at ZoeJane’s place, playing in their new pool. It’s like a resort. The pool is lined with tiny pebbles that are refreshing on the feet as long as you don’t accidentally scrape the tops of your toes while kicking because you’re in a shallower part than you thought (which I did, not surprisingly). There’s a rock waterfall, and colored lights in the pool at night. There’s an outdoor shower with a bench tucked discretely behind the corner of the house, and climbing vines spaced around the walls, and attractive desert landscaping. The small palm trees and bushes even have little spotlights that shine on them at night, so that the hotel guests can admire the decorative shrubbery.

They set up a volleyball net across the middle of the pool (using built-in anchor holes for the poles) and we played several games using a beach ball. Between the two chaise lounges was a large umbrella that provided a bit of shade for the pool goers. After dark we admired the fireworks of a city celebration several miles away, and then watched “300”. He set up a screen on the pool and used his projector/laptop/new wireless speakers combo; half of us got back in the pool to watch the movie. I paddled around during the boring, violent fight scenes that took up about half the movie.

Yesterday I spent a few hours at our apartment pool reading and lazily floating around. 110 degrees is just fine while in the bathwater-warm pool.

This afternoon I made pasta salad and egg salad and attempted to assemble my latest quilt. I quickly found that I had underestimated the size so went back to Joann to buy more backing. They didn’t have more of the same fabric so I bought all new soft flannel, which is in the dryer right now, and I’ll use the original material on a future project. Now it’s time to read chapter 7 and do the homework problems, and then before I know it it’ll be time to go to bed.

July 6, 2008. Words.

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