We got the keys to the house this afternoon! He has become part of the proud American tradition of first-time homeownership, and I have joined the ranks of the slightly more humble group of those living with someone who is part of the proud American tradition of first-time homeownership.

We met the neighbors from one side this evening, and had already met the other side’s when they came out to say hello at the end of the inspection day. One couple is probably in their sixties, the other is a bit younger with a daughter possibly in our age range. They said that it’s a lovely street to live on, with quite a few people who have lived there for 40 years. Translation: old. That explains why the first couple we met said it was good to see “a nice young family moving in”. The woman immediately asked about children and after a moment of disappointment learning that we did not have any babies for her to hold, she brightened at the mention of the dog; she has cats, she said, and spends lots of time with them because she’s retired.

The dog came with us to check out the new place that is now Ours and nudged open the little dog door on her own and sniffed around the whole backyard. I had planned to use the pool this Saturday but upon seeing it decided it might need a maintenance check by the pool guy and a cleaning first. The temperature was perfect, though. It’s a deep pool — no diving board, but deep enough to dive off the side if one were so inclined. I’ll spend most of my time lounging in the shallow end, lounging in the sun on deck, and once in awhile doggy-paddling a few short laps.

We’re not moving in until the end of the month or the first part of August. In the meantime we’ll be cleaning it, buying appliances, choosing furniture, hiring a handyman to fix a few things, etc. And using the pool as soon as it’s ready.  First I need to buy a lounge chair

July 10, 2008. Words.

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  1. Dad replied:

    Summit County had their first free sunset music concert of the summer this weekend. Watching the short video summary of the concert at
    reminded me of you.

    From the videographers angle, our condo is directly behind the concert stage, across the lake, on the slopes of Buffalo Mountain, about 3 miles as the crow flies. I wonder if the music could be heard from our balcony?



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