More shopping, plus rain!

I went to Ross yesterday with a friend and then again this afternoon.  I bought jeans for $10, a striped button down shirt that I’ll share custody of with my friend, and a pair of high-heeled shiny red shoes that I was eyeing yesterday and refrained from buying until I still liked them today.   I’ll wear them tomorrow with a black skirt and a new blouse.

On the way to the mall the downpour started.  I dropped off my friend at the door and she still got really wet, and then I had to walk 15 parking spaces through water that sloshed over my flip-flops.  By the time I got to the door it looked like I had stepped into the shower fully clothed.  I stood outside wringing the water from my hair before I stepped inside, and my jeans and shirt were soaked through.

When we left a couple hours later the rain was negligible and the parking lot was flooded.  Cars were sitting with water dangerously close to the engines as their owners innocently wandered the mall, possibly not even aware that it was raining.  The local news reports that some areas got 2 inches of rain, and a section of Hwy 60 about a mile from the mall was closed due to flooding.  Quite a few cars stalled when trying to drive through flooded sections of streets in around the city, and water ran into a few apartment homes near one particularly flooded section.  Monsoon season is here!

July 13, 2008. Words.

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