Latest projects: Halloween apron, cousin quilt

I posted pictures of the Halloween in July apron I gave Jodie in West Virginia. I loved how it turned out and she said she loved it too — coincidentally, orange is her favorite color! I really like the one she gave me as well (pictures to come).

I also mailed the latest quilt I finished last month: a surprise gift for my cousin Gretchen. It’s similar to the ones I made for my mom and my aunt, with a brighter teal fabric. There wasn’t any particular occasion, I just thought she would be a wonderful person to make one for because of her positive response to the baby quilt I made for her brother and sister-in-law, and I wasn’t disappointed. She immediately sent me a very nice thank you card and I hope she enjoys it.

Did you notice that a picture is directly embedded in this post? My younger brother fixed the problem for me! Expect more pictures more frequently! Too lazy to write anything? Up goes a picture! Huzzah!

August 4, 2008. Pictures, Projects, Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    Very snazzy apron/costume/fun thingee.
    Did you receive yours yet?
    Yay for younger brother (whom Bob & I briefly saw last night, with his wife at the hotel in DC).
    Perhaps younger brother’s wife, who is ever honing her cooking skills to increase her already substantial cooking repertoire, would like one!. and then of course said brother needs a matching one, and

    Holy Schmoly, it goes on and on, the possibilities.


  2. sarah replied:

    i would like one too. i had oliver’s senior pictures taken this weekend with the quilt you made him. i’ll send you one to frame and display on your mantel.

  3. admin replied:

    And I totally have a mantel in the new house! I plan on displaying one of those intricate ships inside a glass bottle, and framed pictures will be a perfect addition.

  4. Mom replied:

    Cousin quilt:
    my sister was in her bdrm and said it is on her bed and looks great!
    Love, Mom

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