Significant dog improvement

She kept the bathroom clean overnight and while she pooped more blood this morning, it was outside during the appropriate dog-business time. She also kept the bathroom clean again all day; the antibiotics and anti-diarrhea medicines appear to be working. Altogether the vet bill was $109, which isn’t a bad price when she was due for a check-up anyway. She probably thinks she’s never leaving the bathroom again. If she doesn’t make any poopy, bloody messes through tomorrow night then she’ll get to roam the house like before, although with less freedom than usual until she’s definitely in the clear. I’m going to Home Depot on Sunday to review possibilities for building a low fence in the yard to prevent any more pool accidents, as well as a way to block off the tiled sun room with the doggy door during the day. Once the pool is secured we can leave the doggy door open for her to let herself out whenever she wants to go. It’s not like she’s going to leap over or dig under anything so the fence solution can be simple and fairly low.

August 30, 2008. Dog, Words.

One Comment

  1. Carol replied:

    I’m glad to hear Kalayna is feeling better. Steve made me look at the “poop” pictures 🙂 to understand how bad it was.

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