You know what’s my current favorite thing to eat? Pitas. I take half a pita, squish on some avocado like it’s mayo, add tomato and swiss cheese slices, then microwave it for 25 seconds. Toss on some cucumber slices and fresh spinach and eat it. So good. I’ve also eaten at least four peaches today. Small ones, sure, but four and counting. They’re 99 cents a pound at the local produce-centric supermarket and fragrant, juicy, and perfect. Apparently they’re from Utah.

Update: I ended the day at 6 peaches.

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Dream Vacation apron

Here’s the awesome Renaissance-gown-inspired apron I received during the latest Flirty Apron Swap. Again, here’s the creator’s blog to check out: Adkins Decorating and Redesign.

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1999 called, said our prom picture is ready

My friend just sent me a slide show of her pictures from our Tacky Prom last spring, set to a cheesy version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D. I love theme parties! I enjoy dressing up and planning a night based on a specific concept or event. It’s like Halloween, all the time!  It’s like it’s the late ’90s and we’re in high school again!

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Hockey hockey hockey!

Hockey season starts in a few weeks, and I’m going to a preseason game next Monday.  I will wear my Sharks attire with pride and try to refrain from joining the Coyotes howl, if the small group of preseason attendees even do the howl.  It’s just so catchy!  I want to howl with my pack, even though really it’s an opponent pack and not my own at all.  Aaoo aooow aaaaaaaoooooooooooooooo!

Last season’s rookie of the year, Torey Mitchell, broke two bones in his left leg yesterday during a scrimmage.  They estimate he’s out until mid-November, and while I’m not a doctor and certainly not the team’s orthopedic surgeon who was to perform surgery on him last night, eight weeks doesn’t seem like a long enough time for somebody who fractured his tibula and fibula.  He’s young and robust, maybe he’ll surprise me and be back on the ice before Thanksgiving.

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Dream vacation apron: successful!

My running of the bulls apron arrived at its destination — you can see her response on her blog, In Transition.  I”m so glad she likes it, plus I had a good time making it.  At first I wasn’t sure what to do with the Spain/Running of the Bulls or Greek Island dream vacations.  Find a fabric with bulls or cattle on it?  Make something in blue and white for Greece?  Then the man of the house suggested the white and red of the traditional running outfit and I thought it was brilliant.  I chose white-on-white and red-on-red floral fabrics and worked out the design as I went along, using the basic full apron pattern I’ve been using as a start.

I highly recommend joining one of these swaps to anybody who is remotely interested.  Don’t worry about needing a “grandma” swap if you’re of a certain age!  Everybody is welcome!  Some of the fun is seeing the different people who all like making and receiving aprons.  For example, one participant’s blog automatically plays “Turn your eyes upon Jesus” and then “Fairest Lord Jesus” when you open the webpage, which is something Rabbit Style News will never do, and still we both have a great time with the apron swap.  (Hopefully she enjoyed the fall apron swap, anyway, I worry that her apron hasn’t made it to her yet although I mailed it two weeks ago.)

From what I can tell, there are many age categories of participants: twentysomethings like me, young mothers and new wives, parents in their 30s and early 40s, older empty nesters, retirees…  I haven’t seen any men yet but there must be some out there.

I’ve done three so far and I’ve gotten three very cool aprons.  Two of the ones I’ve made were well-received and I haven’t heard about the 3rd one yet.  Plus it guarantees a package in the mail, and who doesn’t love that!  It’s like a chain letter but way better.  Here are some sites to get you started:

Flirty Apron Swap

Sassy Apron Swap

Booming Aprons

Yarni Gras! Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas Swap

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Dream Vacation Apron Swap

I received my latest apron tonight!  I said my dream vacation is to visit museums in Europe to see the 15th-19th century art.  The second one I listed was Easter Island, even though I felt a little bad choosing a theme that could be difficult to work into an apron.  My partner made me an apron inspired by the gowns women wore in Renaissance portraits, with corseting in the bodice and a two-layer front.  It’s great and I’m wearing it right now, and it’s such a fun interpretation of my vacation.  You can see pictures of it on her blog, while pictures of me in it will have to wait until I’m not just home from the gym and sweaty and gross.  She included notecards and a pretty little ceramic box complete the package.  These apron swaps are so much fun!  I was going to take a break between swaps and now I want to sign up for the next one right away.

I shipped off the apron I made for my recipient a couple days ago and I hope she likes it when it arrives soon.  I’m still new to this whole full-apron thing and still a novice sewer in general, which I realize more as I receive beautifully sewn aprons.  This new one is so detailed!  I have to remind myself that if only the best birds sang then the woods would be silent, or however that heartwarming inspirational phrase goes.  I’m sure my apron swap partners have enjoyed receiving the aprons I’ve made even if they’re not in love with the apron itself.


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More pool adventures

The dog goes out on a leash in the backyard to prevent pool accidents. Tonight she was extremely excited and wouldn’t stay still for the leash to be clipped on. He opened the sliding door and said, “I’ll just go out with her to make sure she doesn’t fall in the pool”. This remark was followed two seconds later by the sound of a small splash as the dog raced outside and directly into the pool in front of the bedroom door. He jumped in after her and I ran down the first two steps, soaking my jeans to the hip. He plucked her out of the water and handed her to me and she seemed fine when placed back on dry ground: wet, still eager to run around, and just as ignorant of the dangers of the water she apparently can’t see in the dark.

Tomorrow we’ll be testing her new doggy life vest.

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Another apron swap complete

I received my 2nd apron swap apron last nignt and I love it.  It’s bright orange and pink with white piping, a perfectly curved neck, and a flirty little skirt.  It’s very cute, and unlike anything I’ve owned.  I’m wearing now and I’ve been wearing it off and on since I opened the mail when I got home.  You can see it in the September 5 post of her blog.  She also made a really cool brightly colored pot holder and included a pecan pie recipe (we were supposed to include our favorite pie recipe).  I’ve never made pecan pie before and now I’m definitely going to try it.  What fun are these apron swaps!  I’ve gotten two excellent aprons so far and I’ll be getting another one sometime in the next couple weeks.

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Successful housewarming party

We had a housewarming party on Saturday and I must say that it was one of the most successful parties I’ve attended in recent years.  There was drinking, there was dancing, there was snacking, there was late night swimming, and there was not a visit from a police officer to advise us of the city noise ordinances.  It was a great group of people, including smaller subgroups who didn’t know each other, such as a coworker and her boyfriend, and a grad student friend of a friend.

One friend brought us some Mexican prayer candles (as a humorous housewarming present and not actually to bring the loving Grace of Jesus Christ in our new home), another gave me a pool lounger and a doggie life-vest, and a third gave us a gift card to Target that we used last night towards buying a set of tools and an issue of Martha Stewart Living featuring 75 easy decorating ideas.  These gifts were on top of the bottles of wine, six-packs of high-quality beer, and cookies and snacks others brought to share.  The house is warmed.

My laptop still can’t talk to the network connection which is why these posts have been sparse.  That’s what comes from using a pre-9/11 computer in a post-9/11 world — it’s a whole new paradigm now.  Man, I can’t get enough of that joke.  Seriously, though, I probably need to get a new wireless card or a whole new computer one of these days, and in the meantime I’ll keep borrowing his laptop occasionally.

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