Another apron swap complete

I received my 2nd apron swap apron last nignt and I love it.  It’s bright orange and pink with white piping, a perfectly curved neck, and a flirty little skirt.  It’s very cute, and unlike anything I’ve owned.  I’m wearing now and I’ve been wearing it off and on since I opened the mail when I got home.  You can see it in the September 5 post of her blog.  She also made a really cool brightly colored pot holder and included a pecan pie recipe (we were supposed to include our favorite pie recipe).  I’ve never made pecan pie before and now I’m definitely going to try it.  What fun are these apron swaps!  I’ve gotten two excellent aprons so far and I’ll be getting another one sometime in the next couple weeks.

September 11, 2008. Words.

One Comment

  1. Mom replied:

    Now THAT is a cute apron (cuter than the ones she got too). She sure has a creative bend. And a new pie in the offing….many love that type.

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