More pool adventures

The dog goes out on a leash in the backyard to prevent pool accidents. Tonight she was extremely excited and wouldn’t stay still for the leash to be clipped on. He opened the sliding door and said, “I’ll just go out with her to make sure she doesn’t fall in the pool”. This remark was followed two seconds later by the sound of a small splash as the dog raced outside and directly into the pool in front of the bedroom door. He jumped in after her and I ran down the first two steps, soaking my jeans to the hip. He plucked her out of the water and handed her to me and she seemed fine when placed back on dry ground: wet, still eager to run around, and just as ignorant of the dangers of the water she apparently can’t see in the dark.

Tomorrow we’ll be testing her new doggy life vest.

September 14, 2008. Dog, Words.

One Comment

  1. Sandy replied:

    So…Can you teach an old dog new tricks????? Perhaps your pooch could learn to swim. That would certainly help give you peace of mind. Just wondering.

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