Dream Vacation Apron Swap

I received my latest apron tonight!  I said my dream vacation is to visit museums in Europe to see the 15th-19th century art.  The second one I listed was Easter Island, even though I felt a little bad choosing a theme that could be difficult to work into an apron.  My partner made me an apron inspired by the gowns women wore in Renaissance portraits, with corseting in the bodice and a two-layer front.  It’s great and I’m wearing it right now, and it’s such a fun interpretation of my vacation.  You can see pictures of it on her blog, while pictures of me in it will have to wait until I’m not just home from the gym and sweaty and gross.  She included notecards and a pretty little ceramic box complete the package.  These apron swaps are so much fun!  I was going to take a break between swaps and now I want to sign up for the next one right away.

I shipped off the apron I made for my recipient a couple days ago and I hope she likes it when it arrives soon.  I’m still new to this whole full-apron thing and still a novice sewer in general, which I realize more as I receive beautifully sewn aprons.  This new one is so detailed!  I have to remind myself that if only the best birds sang then the woods would be silent, or however that heartwarming inspirational phrase goes.  I’m sure my apron swap partners have enjoyed receiving the aprons I’ve made even if they’re not in love with the apron itself.


September 18, 2008. Pictures, Projects, Words.

One Comment

  1. Mom replied:

    What’s not to love, that is a GREAT interpretation of her wanting to see the running of the bulls. And I love the one you got too, the kind of Renaissance one. I hope someone opens a grandma’s version one that you “kids” have, and I would participate!
    I love what you did with it, that would not have occurred to me at all. I think your song is lovely 🙂

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