Hockey hockey hockey!

Hockey season starts in a few weeks, and I’m going to a preseason game next Monday.  I will wear my Sharks attire with pride and try to refrain from joining the Coyotes howl, if the small group of preseason attendees even do the howl.  It’s just so catchy!  I want to howl with my pack, even though really it’s an opponent pack and not my own at all.  Aaoo aooow aaaaaaaoooooooooooooooo!

Last season’s rookie of the year, Torey Mitchell, broke two bones in his left leg yesterday during a scrimmage.  They estimate he’s out until mid-November, and while I’m not a doctor and certainly not the team’s orthopedic surgeon who was to perform surgery on him last night, eight weeks doesn’t seem like a long enough time for somebody who fractured his tibula and fibula.  He’s young and robust, maybe he’ll surprise me and be back on the ice before Thanksgiving.

September 22, 2008. Words.

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