You know what’s my current favorite thing to eat? Pitas. I take half a pita, squish on some avocado like it’s mayo, add tomato and swiss cheese slices, then microwave it for 25 seconds. Toss on some cucumber slices and fresh spinach and eat it. So good. I’ve also eaten at least four peaches today. Small ones, sure, but four and counting. They’re 99 cents a pound at the local produce-centric supermarket and fragrant, juicy, and perfect. Apparently they’re from Utah.

Update: I ended the day at 6 peaches.

September 30, 2008. Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    and peaches- not that price here, phooey.

  2. Mom replied:

    Do you split your pita open, you know, from the skinny way, make it separate?

  3. admin replied:

    No, I’ve been folding it rather than opening it to make a pocket.

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