Sometimes, when you have a dog

Sometimes, when you have a dog, you buy cans of bison dog food because you’re at Sunflower Market and need to buy dog food and they have fancy, byproduct-free, sustainable-farm bison dog food. Your dog is old and now eats canned food mixed with dry food and she loves it. She dances around like a puppy while you mix up her dish, and runs ahead of you whenever you head into the kitchen in a manner that suggests perhaps it’s breakfast or dinnertime. You discover that her coat gets especially shiny and even softer now that she eats fancy canned food.

Sometimes, when you have a dog, you give her a small serving of bison, which looks just like all the other flavors of canned dog food, so that her system has time to adjust to the new food. Sometimes you just have to wait to see if she’ll throw up.

October 7, 2008. Dog, Words.

One Comment

  1. val replied:

    I have a lab that does the same thing….the throwing up thing. But the she eats it again so I guess that doesn’t count. Now I feed her a Naturals food that says it is ‘easy to digest’ and she doesn’t barf that up so I guess it works.

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