$3800 pop quiz

When you flush the toilet, it should empty into:
a) the shower drain, bubbling up until the shower floor is filled with two inches of standing sewage
b) the bathroom floor after the toilet and shower overflow
c) a ditch in the front yard where the emergency plumbing team is laying new pipe to connect the mangled house line to the city system but they weren’t able to actually hook it up before leaving for the night
d) who needs a toilet when you can pee in the backyard

October 15, 2008. Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    Horrible, your bro said there were some complications.
    Does your insurance pay for this hopefully?
    Horrible clean-up, that.
    My sympathies.

  2. val replied:

    I pick D…not really but it sounds the best…except that I’m not a guy and can’t really pee in the backyard without mooning everyone…so maybe I don’t pick any of them. I would flunk the quiz.

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