Artichokes: possibly not worth the effort

I tried a recipe for baked artichokes that yielded passable results for probably too much work.  Wash them, snip off the stabby parts at the end of each leaf, slice them in half, scrape out the inedible fuzz at the center, rub with lemon to prevent excessive browning, add a garlic-olive oil-oregano mixture, bake for 50 minutes,…  It was a lot of work and time for something that was only pretty good.

October 20, 2008. Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    right on! My Man LOVES artichokes, so I steam one whole, then hand him a ton of melted butter (which you could add your spices to) and he tears each stubby piece thingy off and dips it into the butter, and it is very easy, but………as you say……….a passable result, except for those who love it. Then the steaming is so easy. The oven way sounded ridiculously hard.

  2. amylee replied:

    i absolutely LOVE artichokes – enough to say they are on my top 10 favorite foods. but i would agree that steam and some butter is all they need to be amazing! the best part is the highly anticipated heart!!!! mmm, maybe i’ll have to head to the store this evening and pick a few up!

  3. Gretchen replied:

    I love artichokes!!! The way Aunt Patricia describes. I agree that the baked recipe you describe sounds like too much work… I’ll steam up some artichokes and take them to work for lunch.

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