Pattern collection: Men’s Vest and pants, 1969

A week or two ago the postwoman delivered a surprise box for me from my aunt filled with hilarious and awesome patterns from the 60s, 70s, and a few from later years. In addition to the inherent fun of these vintage patterns, there’s the bonus joy of knowing that she actually made these clothes, you know, to wear. Some of them are basic skirts, blouses, and jackets, and others are fantastically dated outfits. I had fun guessing the year as I went through the box; maybe half of them had a copyright date. She added a little note on my favorite, which has a copyright date of 1969: “Suit jackets were out & vests in, in the late 60s. I made several for Sandy.” I’d love to see pictures, please…

I can’t decide which version is my favorite. The first man has that gleeful early 70s mustache and belt, and then the second chose a turtleneck and fuzzy (fuzzy!) version of the vest, while the third is wearing a tie as though the vest really is an office-appropriate replacement for a jacket, just as her note says.

If my sewing skills are up to it, some people should be expecting a few handmade Christmas gifts this year…

October 20, 2008. Pictures, Projects, Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    Ha ha and how about those bell bottoms!
    I don’t remember any men wearing anything remotely like those, just the tighter shorter type vests that go with 3 piece suits. I don’t think this nerd style actually ever went anywhere in real life. I have the equivalent pattern in women’s sizes tho, and decided they were sort of “iffy” looking even for substitute teaching.
    Maybe you’d like that in your Christmas stocking :-). That leaves me with just one classic pattern to my name, PJ and bathrobes, always in style. So far.

  2. Shawnee replied:

    So glad you’ve joined the Holiday Hostess Flirty Apron Swap!

  3. Sandy replied:

    Actually, Sue made me two or three vests back in the early 70s! I was teaching at Maumee Valley County Day School at the time and wore them regularly to work. I also had long bushy hair then and weighed considerably less than I do now :<)

  4. Michele's Quilting Journey replied:

    I am almost positive that I not only own this pattern…from that era…but that I have even made it before. I ended up marrying the recipient…only goes to show the power of sewing! Hmm…now I’m wondering if he ever wore my vest 😉 Cute blog by the way, next I’m checking out what you wear to work each day…;)

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