Time to make a quilt, perhaps?

I’m going to help a friend make a baby quilt for her sister, who is due in March. She hasn’t really done any sewing before, which shouldn’t be much of a problem with a simple quilt design, maybe just squares or a few half-square rectangles. We’re shopping for fabrics this weekend, which will hopefully give us enough time to complete it without any stress. She’s going to be doing most of the work at my house, one of the reasons to start now.

It’s about time for me to work on another quilt of my own, or more accurately another gift. I also have three aprons to make, two of which need to be in the mail by the end of the month (thus, the Joann Fabric trip this Saturday). My studio is still filled with open boxes waiting to be unpacked and organized. The idea was that my projects could be corralled in my sewing room — which I call my studio because I am a, how you say, artiste — and I’d be productive all the time. Instead, it’s hard to do any work because it’s a mess and there’s no place to spread out the fabric.

I’ve been reading a blog, Crazy Mom Quilts, and it is in fact crazy how much this woman gets done. I am astounded and inspired every time I see read her posts. Where does she find the time to do all these projects and then add it all to the blog? Sure, I’m fairly certain that she doesn’t have a job (ok, ok, an outside-the-home-paying-job) which frees up those hours during the workweek, but still. It’s amazing. One of her recent posts received 92 comments so she has a following of many others who are also impressed.

Here’s a picture of my last quilt, a gift for my cousin Gretchen. Hopefully it will inspire me to start another quilt.

October 21, 2008. Pictures, Projects, Words.


  1. amylee replied:

    i have recently organized my sewing area/room (recently meaning a year ago) and have lots of handy ideas, if you’re interested in some organization ideas! let me know!

  2. Michele's Quilting Journey replied:

    Good job! And great colors together! You have a bright and bold sense about you…projects, fashion, and sense of humor and fun! I followed you back from some link or other about crafts and quilting. How cute are you, really!

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