Thanksgiving meal

I’m hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for the first time.  There will be only five of us so it’s a fairly easy, relaxed foray into Thanksgiving at my place.  I set my alarm for noon to make sure I got up in time to cook all the food I didn’t prepare ahead of time, and now it’s barely 3 o’clock and I’m almost done.  Guests will arrive starting at 4:30.  Now that I have a dinner table — two little folding tables put together, with a sheet as a tablecloth and plastic folding chairs alongside — I plan to host dinner parties on a regular basis.

Today’s menu:

— Cheese, crackers, and grapes plate

— Stuffed Tofurkey, brought by a friend
— Mashed potatoes
— Roasted rosemary brussels sprouts
— Turnip greens with caramelized onion
— Potatoes and turnips au gratin
— Tossed green salad
— Fresh cranberry-orange sauce
— French bread
— Wine

— Apple crisp with vanilla ice cream
— Pumpkin pie (first time I’ve made it, we’ll see how it turns out)
— Assorted teas

November 27, 2008. Words.

One Comment

  1. Mom replied:

    sounds nice. post pix. I did 2 cheesecakes and some veggi “Wegneritos” for 2 who were at the home where we went.

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