My 29-gallon aquarium has been up and running for almost a month now and at least nine fish have died so far.  I have hope that the chemical and biological balance is approaching equilibrium and the new litter of baby guppies will make it through.  I chose Annabelle, one of the Original Three, at the pet store because she appeared to be pregnant and her apparent hardiness earned her a name.  Her bag-mate was simply called “the other female who isn’t looking so hot” and died by the end of the first week.  The five neon tetras were collectively named Seamus, and I accidentally poisoned them.  One of the newcomers brought ich into the tank and it turns out that tetras are super-sensitive to ich medicine and should be given half-dosages, if that.  The box did not specifically mention this issue as it pertains to tetras and I used the recommended dose.  When I woke up in the morning, Seamus was dead, which is just as well for the baby guppies that would be born the next day.

On Saturday somebody peered into the tank and said, “Hey look, Annabelle isn’t pregnant anymore!”  I ran to the aquarium to check the typical baby  guppy hang-outs and found the tiny fry huddled together — we counted at least 12!  Good work Annabelle, may she rest in peace.  (She died the next day, just like Charlotte at the fair.)  They’ve more than doubled in size already and I counted at least 8 of them this afternoon.  Before long I’ll be able to buy more neon tetras with less fear of Seamus eating the baby guppies.

I really enjoy having an aquarium again, finally, and it will get even better when my fish stop dying all the time.

December 9, 2008. Words.

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  1. Mom replied:

    Yes on the tetras and ich meds and yes on the just as well for the babies.
    My new tank has been up and running for 3 wks. I added store bacteria, muck from the other tank, ran it another week. Then I put in 4 smallish guppies from the first tank. They are very unhappy and go up and down and don’t swim right, just huddle, then there were 3.

    I added more water from aquarium #1 and a piece of plastic plant with some goo on it, waited 2 days, then added 4 more guppies, small ones again. I have to yet count them today, but as of yesterday some were swimming normally.

    Liz at Aquatic Pets said make the water slightly brackish, that often works wonders. It can be table salt minus iodine, or sea salt. Maybe just a tad will help you.

    Babies, good luck.

    Question, if a school of fish has a dog name, is the dog out of the picture?

    If they look unhappy today I will.

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