Quest for the perfect boot

It is time to buy a new pair of knee-high black boots. I paid $30 for mine at Target and they have lasted me five years. Well, they’ve probably lasted maybe 3 years but I’ve been wearing them since then anyway. I know exactly what I want and I’m having trouble finding it: black, slightly shiny or satiny finish, high stacked heel, small platform, not a pointy toe, zip on the side or stretch to make it easy to put them on, vegan, fairly narrow calf. Everything I’ve found so far has a narrow thin heel, or it’s too flat and riding boot-like, or it has too many shenanigans with slouchy sides and tassels and 18 million buckles.

Now I’m going to search for leather boots in the style I want, not because I would actually buy leather but just to see if the look I desire is even sold nowadays, or if it’s too “2003 called, they want their boots back”.

Update: These would do the trick but they’re leather. (And $160.)

December 11, 2008. Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    well my sis in law likes
    but I don’t know about leather
    I was looking for heels like that now that BF is soooo tall that I can, but no luck in non leather either.

  2. Sandy Craig replied:

    Oops! Your Sharks got stuffed by the Red Wings! 0-6 As your Mother would say – Oh, well.

  3. amy lee replied:

    yeah – i have been on the same quest for a very long time – i finally found some at macys! they had some great options recently!

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