Sharks lose to Red Wings in a Painful Rout

The Sharks were shut out by the Detroit Red Wings last night in a painful 6-0 game.  People were looking forward to the game because it pitted the defending Stanley Cup champions against the NHL-record-setting Sharks (best record at 25 games, fastest to 50 points, best record after 30 games), and it could be an example of the Western Conference finals in the spring.  It was a disappointment all around.  After controlling play for the first ten minutes, San Jose couldn’t pull it together and watched goal after goal scored against them.  Sure, it was their 3rd game in 4 days including back-to-back games and some cross-country travel,  and they were understandably worn down, but still, it looked like they were an AHL group playing against an NHL team.

I expect a much better match next time on January 17.  The Sharks handily won the first game in October, and they’ll be eager to make up for last night.

December 19, 2008. Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    I’m reading the above out loud, and someone in the room says “This is Rabbitstylenews, I have a feeling.” Yup.

  2. Sandy Craig replied:

    Tough but accurate analysis! It is fascinating to see how much emotion plays in sports. So, the world champs come to town – look out, look what they did last season. We’re automatically intimidated and soon our play is affected. Why? Lot’s of folks have tried to explain why it happens. I sure don’t have the answers; do you!


  3. admin replied:

    Emotion and “heart” as it’s called in the hockey world are a huge part of the game, true, but your summary is not what happened in the game. Rather than the Sharks being intimidated due to playing the defending Cup holders, the Red Wings really stepped up their game to play against league-leading San Jose. A more accurate reading would be:

    “So, the world leaders come to town – look out, look what they did this season. We’re automatically motivated and soon our play is affected. They’ll bring out the best in us.”

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