My new diet plan

When I say diet, I mean it in the “the black bear’s diet is primarily vegetarian, consisting of berries, twigs, nuts, leaves, and roots” sense, and not “check out this new diet guaranteed to help me lose five pounds before February” way.  Here’s the plan: eat at least 7 apples a week.  Basically, an apple a day but with a little more flexibility.

Why am I doing this?  Because I like rules to follow, and it’s a New Year’s resolution that should be easy enough to keep, and apples are delicious natural packets of nutrients like fiber and antioxidants, and I’m constantly going through food fads (remember the 5-grapefruits-a-day craze of spring 2008?).  And yes, also because eating an apple as a snack might help me maintain my current weight rather than slowly gaining through constant mindless candy and sweets consumption.  I mean, if the totally reputable journal USA Today reports it then it must be true!

I just bought some cameo apples, a type I’ve never tried before, and they’re part of the inspiration behind the new eating plan.  They’re very sweet and crisp and juicy with a honeyed floral flavor to them, very unlike granny smith or fuji.

A brief search just now has informed me that they came about by chance in an orchard in Washington in 1987 and are now one of the top 10 apples grown in the state.  Cameo has the little R next to it so apparently is a registered name and there’s a Cameo Apple Marketing Association (CAMA).  They’re right, though, it is the perfect eating apple.  I’m going to slice myself up a second one right now.

December 22, 2008. Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    sort of like a honey crisp, only more “floral”? sounds intriguing. I like your opener lines, funny.

  2. sarah replied:

    I’m way ahead of you. I eat an apple and some yogurt everyday. But I also do the mindless consumption of candy. And I do not plan on stopping. Apples are one of my favorite fruits, especially in pie and german pancake form…but I always think about how they’re tree ovaries and that kind of grosses me out. Not enough to not eat them though.

  3. Sandy Craig replied:

    I’ve seen MANY photos of bears catching and eating FISH; You need to get another example!!!

  4. admin replied:

    Are you thinking of brown bears, the ones usually featured in photos of bears standing in a stream catching salmon or trout? I stand by my statement that a black bear’s diet is *primarily* vegetarian.

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