Books and dog sweaters

A few weeks I reread ago two of the Harry Potter books (1 and 3).  I just spent the past six hours with the dog on the couch reading The Pact: A Love Story by Jodi Picoult.  I read The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory over the weekend, mostly in another long marathon with the dog the second half of Sunday.

We haven’t turned on the heat in the house and it gets down to 6o degrees inside after a cold night, which makes it quite nice to curl up with the little dog under a blanket for hours at a time.  She especially enjoys the warmth.  I’ve been leaving her sweater on when I head to work in the morning lately, and by the time I get home she has taken it off again.

I’ve watched her do it before.  Her technique begins with pulling one front leg at a time inside the armholes and out the neck, so that she’s wearing the sweater like a cummerbund around her middle.  (Alternate acceptable spelling: cumberbund.)  Then she presses against something to demobilize the sweater as she wriggles out the neckhole.  If it’s cold she’ll leave it on, though, she seems to like it.  She used to have two sweaters but a handmade one from my mom disappeared in the move, a nice black one with a pink stripe.

December 24, 2008. Words.

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