Why does this require an advice columnist?

Here is today’s question from Ask Amy:

DEAR AMY: The Super Bowl is approaching, and, as a woman who likes sports, each year I am stymied about how to get to actually watch the game when hosting or attending a party.

Every year, we either hold a party or attend a party that includes my husband’s male friends and couples we both know.

I would love to lounge on the couch with the rest of the male audience and watch at least part of the game.

What invariably happens is that I end up in the kitchen with the women who would rather chat and clean the kitchen while the men are occupied with the game.

Is there a gracious way to make my way to the TV during the game without seeming rude to my friends who aren’t interested in the game? — Stuck in the Kitchen

How is this even a problem?  Somehow, in a manner completely mystifying to her, she ends up in the kitchen completely against her will?  Oh, if only there were some way she could get to actually watch the game!  If only!

Step 1: Attend Super Bowl party.
Step 2: Sit on couch, chair, floor, or bench.  Alternate: lean on furniture or stand within sight of screen.
Step 3: Watch game.

This woman needs to stop fretting that she’s so important that people will be offended if she watches the Super Bowl game rather than stay with them in the kitchen at a Super Bowl party.  Seriously, I’m pretty sure her friends will get over it.

Perhaps I’m misinterpreting it and she’s looking for a gracious way to exit a conversation and return to the tv when a commercial break is over.  She’s not negotiating a hostage situation here, her attention to delicacy is unnecessary.  “Oh hey, game’s back” is etiquette enough at a Super Bowl party.

January 13, 2009. Words.

One Comment

  1. Mom replied:

    Your response is really good, send it to the Ask Amy people. I also saw it, and thought, “What, she doesn’t have legs?” [to get to the tv] but yours is ever so much more eloquent!

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