3 Pull-Ups!

I did 3 pull-ups in a row at CrossFit tonight using the kipping method!  (Video example: I do mine most like the woman in the middle halfway through, except that so far I do them underhand instead.) My original goal was to be able to do one by March, when I made that I changed it to 3 in a row, and now I’ve made the upgraded objective with over a week to spare.  Now what?  5 in a row?  10?  One million?

February 19, 2009. Words. 2 comments.

Why haven’t I written anything lately?

There’s no special reason I haven’t been writing lately.  I suspect it’s because I now post almost-daily updates on Twitter, taking the edge off my craving to broadcast my thoughts, activities, feelings, and meals to the public.  I slept until 1:44 p.m. today and 1:54 p.m. yesterday.  I went to an Ethiopian restaurant for the 5th year in a row for Valentine’s Day.  I’m rereading George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.  I bought four new guppies a couple weeks ago and now two of them are dead — I haven’t removed their bodies from the tank yet because it’s gross, and it’ll just get grosser as they stay dead longer.  I went to the zoo and got my hair cut last week, using a carried-over vacation day before it disappears next month.  I did two kip pull-ups in a row at CrossFit for the first time last Thursday, and my goal is to do 3+ in a row by the end of the month.  I signed up for a St. Patrick’s Day apron swap; when I went to Joann Fabrics to get fabric I ended up spending $100 on various material and patterns, including cobalt blue taffeta to go with a new ballgown skirt pattern I also bought.  I’ve been making a lot of sweet and sour stir fry with tofu and vegetables, it’s my new favorite fresh simple dinner.  I’m scraping the bottom of a jar of Nutella I got three weeks ago, eating it straight from the jar with a spoon.  I’m once again quitting caffeine.  Tonight I’ll do at least two loads of laundry.  “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” by Beyonce is my new Pandora station.

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