3 Pull-Ups!

I did 3 pull-ups in a row at CrossFit tonight using the kipping method!  (Video example: I do mine most like the woman in the middle halfway through, except that so far I do them underhand instead.) My original goal was to be able to do one by March, when I made that I changed it to 3 in a row, and now I’ve made the upgraded objective with over a week to spare.  Now what?  5 in a row?  10?  One million?

February 19, 2009. Words.


  1. Llamas55 replied:

    wow for you! I need 100 # of assist at the gym to do my 3 (it used to be 70# of assist, but then I gained 30 pounds). But- 3.5 yrs ago when I started at the gym I remember it took me 130 pounds of assist…..so some progress. Unfamiliar with the kipping method tho.

  2. diane replied:

    Hi Amy,

    Well I just love my apron!!!!! Thank you so very much. That black fabric is just so great. I have to tell you I wore it this weekend, all weekend. So thank you again for a wonderful apron. I think you should have mine today. I hope you enjoy it.

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