Sharks lose, out of the playoffs in round 1

The Sharks crashed out of the playoffs, becoming the fifth team since 1968 to finish the regular season with the best record and then lose in the 1st round.  The last time was when the Detroit Red Wings were ousted just a few years ago, and the time before that was when the St. Louis Blues lost in 2000… to the Sharks.

Preseason games for San Jose will start in September, five months away.  There will likely be a few big name players traded or retired before then.  This was supposed to be the year they finally shook that label of playoff disappointments, and instead they didn’t even make it to a game 7 in the first round.  I hope Marleau doesn’t get traded — I just got this jersey for Christmas and I really like it.  I’m wearing it right now, not that it did any good.

April 27, 2009. Words.

One Comment

  1. Sandy Craig replied:

    I was shocked that your favorite team lost in the 1st round!!!! Meanwhile, the Red Wings dusted off Columbus and may even go all the way this spring. They are terrific! GO WINGS!!!

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