Crazy Mom Quilts: An Inspirational Website

I can’t remember if I’ve already mentioned my favorite quilting blog, Crazy Mom Quilts. I’ve spent the past hour reading the very beginning of her blog in November 2006 to see where it all started.  The early posts have a handful of comments, compared to the 100+ her current posts regularly receive.  A few weeks ago she started a One-A-Day Quilt Along and the initial mention has 344 comments from all the people expressing their delight at joining her for the quilt-along (I’m still undecided as to proper hyphenation).  This woman has quite the following in the crafting/quilting/sewing community.  With good reason, too, she’s constantly posting pictures of her latest stunning projects.

I’m ready to start my next quilt, and first I’m going to clean up my sewing room, or at least push aside the unpacked boxes enough to sort through my fabric stash and growing scrap collection.  I love organization systems and have been looking forward to having enough fabric in various sizes to really need to create a system rather than squishing it all into a drawer or plastic bin.  I’ll end up with a beautiful rainbow of fabric perfectly sorted by size in addition to color.  This is not a new desire.

When I was in elementary school, I wore a lot of colored socks, often two pairs at a time, scrunched down just so underneath my tight-rolled jeans.  (It was the late ’80s and early ’90s.)  For years I had a drawer full of brightly colored socks… a drawer full of brightly colored socks carefully arranged in rainbow order.  My friends saw them during a sleepover in 6th grade and laughed at me, but I shook off their mockery because it was so logical and right, of course I would arrange my socks like that, why would anybody do anything otherwise?

These days my socks are divided into only two categories, white and other (mostly black trouser socks), and they get thrown into a pile in their assigned section of the drawer rather than neatly lined up in a perfect row.  Sorting through the fabric in my sewing room will satisfy my need to put things in rainbow order, a need that has been dormant since I moved on from the rainbow socks of childhood memory.

May 15, 2009. Words.


  1. Sandy Craig replied:

    What sort of fabrics do you like to use for quilt-making? I could be motivated to go through my box of scraps and send you some. Cotton, wool, blend etc.? Colors? Size of scrap?


  2. admin replied:

    Oh my goodness that would be like Christmas! Or like this one time a box of amazing vintage patterns from 30+ years ago showed up in my mail, which was a delightful surprise! So far I’ve used 100% cotton for my quilts, with the exception of my grandmother’s clothing pieces which were polyester or blend, and I would welcome any and all scraps and fabric that came my way. I can use anything that’s about 1″x 4″ or larger.

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