I shall learn to line dance!

“Your transaction was completed successfully and your enrollment is confirmed.”  I just signed up for a summer line dancing class through the city’s Park & Rec department.  I chose the Easy Intermediate option rather than the Easy Beginner option, even though I am in fact a beginner, because I don’t consider myself someone who would “prefer to learn at a slower pace”.  Besides, I think that might be code for old people…  Starting next week I’ll head over to the community center next to the library on Tuesday nights, 7:30-8:30, to learn some boot-scootin’ boogie.  Probably also the macarena, the electric slide, and isn’t there a dance for Achey Breaky Heart?  It’s two months of classes, so maybe that means 8 different dances?  I’ll know them all!

May 21, 2009. Words.

One Comment

  1. You know Who replied:

    Ha ha I used to do that, back when in the bars they would in CO teach for half an hour, and used to know Achy Breaky heart and the Macarena. When the sequences got too convoluted I had to really watch the feet tho.

    How is The Dog. I have to go out and see if Ginger goat has turned the corner to live, it being day 5 the definitive day for most C-sectioned goats. That’s where my just arrived social security stimulus pkg goes, to pay for 3/5 of her vet bill.

    I’m glad you’ll have some fun with dancing.

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