Fantastic pool party

Dan hosted a great pool party yesterday that started around 3:30 and ended after midnight.  While I left a little after 7 to head to a different, pirate-themed party, and I hear the pool party just kept getting better throughout the evening.  It was mostly CrossFit Southwest people, which really added to the tv commercial vibe: young, sexy, beautiful, fit people playing beach ball volleyball in a pool in the sun, enjoying a refreshing cold adult beverage.

Check out those sculpted shoulder muscles as I reach for the ball — thanks, CrossFit!

May 31, 2009. Pictures, Words.


  1. You know Who replied:

    Cool shot. See one guy I recognize 🙂
    Love the waterfall. Tell Dan that’s cool.
    So how did the pirate themed party go? all women, or?

  2. amylee replied:

    Gotta love seeing your hard work pay off! We’re playing Ultimate Frisbee League again this year…it’s currently kicking my butt, but I’m looking forward to feeling back ‘in shape’ this summer!

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