Changes around here

When I decided to get myself a blog coming on three years ago my younger brother set me up real quick and I planned to figure out WordPress and personalize the template to my own choosing and make it my own style and everything. Then I did none of those things and just let it stay as he happened to set it up, and the domain name magically renewed its registration, and I never upgraded with each WordPress version, and I didn’t even know where my website was being hosted but I was pretty sure it was one brother or another.

It has now been transferred over to being hosted by WordPress for free and as soon as I pay a few bucks and choose some options in this newfangled WordPress version the address will go back to showing without the .wordpress in it. And maybe I’ll choose a design to make it look all nice and stuff. Or, you know, I’ll leave it as is because that other thing sounds hard and will cut into my sitting around time. Any requests or suggestions? Now would be an especially good time to voice them.

June 10, 2009. Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    Sounds complicated. This is better than Brotherly hosting? How about personal quilts placed as vines all up and down the sides :-). That can be done, right? and a prominent dog sleeping on one. And/or mosaic colors on the wallpaper, or do you like the soothing blue? I wish I could figure out how to do a website…my never got off the ground.

    • rabbitstylenews replied:

      Funny you should suggest mosaic wallpaper. Just last night I was looking at an article in an old issue of Better Home and Garden. A woman had added mosaics to her garden pathways, a bench, and some pillars and I really liked it. I held up the pictures and said, “What do you think of these? I’d love to have a mosaic bench in our backyard. Something about mosaics are really appealing to me.”

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