More evidence I’m psychic

Last night I was tooling around on, a site for CrossFit gyms and CrossFitters, and I read through all the benchmark workouts. There’s a group called the Girls and I’ve only done a handful of them. I’d heard of Angie but didn’t know what it is: 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats. When I read the description I said, “Ooh, that sounds fun! Hard of course, but with enough time I wonder if I could do it Rx’d?” (Rx’d = as prescribed, without scaling down weights, distances, or reps to suit one’s own level and strength. I scale most workouts.)

Then I realized, “That would take me, like, an hour. I’d like to try it sometime but maybe not just yet. Oh god and what would happen to my hands after 100 pull-ups?  I would like to try it sometime though…”

Here’s what would happen to my hands: I’d get blisters on the pads at the base of my fingers, despite the callouses I’ve developed this year, and at least one of them would fill with a mix of plasma and blood and leak out on the pull-up bar. I know this because the workout of the day at CrossFit this evening was Angie, the first time for us.

I finished in just under 44 minutes, not Rx’d. I did 51 pull-ups before switching to the band (pull-ups with a foot in a giant rubber band looped around the bar to add upwards assistance) and 51 push-ups on my toes before dropping to my knees. Despite being almost ten minutes behind the next slowest person at my session, I’m pleased with my performance. After my hands heal, I look forward to doing it again sometime, either in a shorter time or closer to being fully prescribed.

The fastest person at our gym did it in 12ish minutes, because he’s unbelievable like that, while most people were in the 20-35 range.  My arms still feel swollen.  Have I mentioned that I love CrossFit?

June 11, 2009. Words.


  1. XFit replied:

    Do you wear workout gloves and still get blisters?

    • rabbitstylenews replied:

      I don’t wear gloves but after Angie I’m going to look into some for days that involve a lot of pull-ups.

  2. moe replied:


    I’m moe, one of the guys that started up beyondthewhiteboard. I ran across your blog and it reminded me of when I first started doing Angie. I though

    Tips for your hands

    2. If you can, put some tennis grip on your pull up bar. Some people might call you out on this, but it’s a solid way to get going.

    Hope you like the site.


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