New shoes!

I went to Target today with a mental list of 3 needed items: garbage bags, toilet paper, and fabric softener sheets.  I walked out with $98.50 of goods but no fabric softener sheets.  This is why I need to use actual paper lists, even when it’s only 3 items.

I bought new shoes!  For a couple months I’ve been casually looking for a new pair of brown-family shoes I can wear to work, and these I can wear on the weekend or to dress up, too.  They’re very me, I love bright shoes and plaid shorts and skirts, and these fit right in.  No leather, and the strap is velcro to allow for a perfect fit!  They look brighter when wearing them because the dark brown sole isn’t visible.  I just now painted my toenails a bright fuscia-red to make the best of the new shoes — my toes really needed some upkeep anyway.  I will wear my lovely new wedges tomorrow!

Plaid espadrille wedges

June 19, 2009. Tags: , , . Pictures, Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    Cute- and painfully high!
    I have been looking for vegetarian slip on shoes and dress shoes.
    Love, Mom

  2. Shopping spree at Target « Rabbit Style News replied:

    […] The red skirt is especially fun –  it’s like my old pair of favorite red pants and the green skirt I wear all the time got together, laughed for hours over dinner, opened a bottle of sparkling wine, slow-danced in the living room,…. and awhile later along came this red skirt.  The picture is terrible, it’s actually a crisp scarlet and not the smoky fuchsia below.  It wasn’t on sale when I bought it two days ago, if I had waited I could have saved $5!  I wore it to work yesterday with a black cardigan and my beloved plaid wedges. […]

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