Popsicle jokes

Q. What do you call a lazy bison?
A. A buffaloafer.

Q. What do you call a trunk full of bison?
A. A buffaload.

When I had (swine?) flu last month he bought me red-white-and-blue popsicles, the kind with jokes printed on the sticks, so that I would eat at least a little something and not die. I laughed and laughed at those two jokes. They still make me smile, even without the benefit of a a high fever.

June 24, 2009. Words.

One Comment

  1. Mom replied:

    Time flies like the wind and fruit flies like bananas HAHAHAHAHA [Bob says it’s pathetic, but what can he say] it’s still my only joke. um what do you call a buffalo with a cigarette a buffa-high? I don’t know, I give up.

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