Cobalt Blue Ballgown Skirt

I finished a blue skirt this afternoon for one of my friends.  It’s made from McCall’s pattern M3436 using a cobalt blue taffeta that has a hint of stretch.  When I bought the fabric I meant to make it for myself, and then when I got home I realized I got the wrong size pattern.  Rather than adjust it for my size or go back to the store for an exchange, I figured I’d make one for a friend instead.  I didn’t have a hook-and-eye closure and wanted to finish it today, so the tab above the zipper uses a snap.  Classy!  The photo below, the only one I have so far, was taken at her place with an iPhone.

Cobalt Blue Ballgown Skirt

July 12, 2009. Links, Pictures, Projects, Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    pretty! flowing, nice color too

  2. amy lee replied:

    love it! nice work amy! everytime i see a project i think to myself “i’m proud of her” – as if i’m your mother or as if i had something to do with your project in some way. ha – not the case, but i still think that your projects are great and am constantly inspired! (ps – i am secretly in love with ballgown skirts, so i’m extra attracted to this!) i have a pattern sitting at home with a similar skirt, maybe slightly more of a mermaid that i’ve been hoping to make for several years now…i’ll get around to it 🙂

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