Starting a new baby quilt: Zig Zag

I received an invitation to a baby shower in three weeks for a woman at work — it was an actual card, even though the shower will be in the “Business Center Break Room” and it said “RSVP to Laura by internal email”.  I’m taking this opportunity to make a quick baby quilt.  The expectant mother and I are part of the same 30-person department, but she’s on a different floor on a different team and I don’t really know her.  No matter, it’s a great reason to make a quilt.  Sure, I could throw in $5 for the Target gift card and eat pastel cake with a clear conscience, but would that bring me the glory and accolades I crave?  And I haven’t worked on a quilt since March or designed one since last summer.

I’m using a tutorial by Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts with 8 blue and green fabrics I chose from my stash.  I cut all the strips tonight and laid them out next to each other in my sewing room and I love it already.  Of course I do, it’s green and blue, the colors that I keep buying at Joann Fabric even though I say to myself, “You have enough of those colors, get something else!  Can I interest you in a lovely burgundy, or perhaps this orange polka-dot?”  Conveniently enough she’s expecting a boy so the colors are appropriate for her shower if she likes traditional baby colors.

Unrelated to quilting, I had an odd experience at CrossFit today.  I’ve been experiencing intermittent pre-migraine symptoms since last Friday — hallucinatory smells, losing vocabulary (“Without a sweatshirt will you be cold in the… store… the… movie-showing store?” I said.  “You mean the theater?” he said), cloudy mind, clumsiness — and last night before the midnight “Harry Potter” I had some mild pain and a lot of stupidity.  It didn’t culminate in a big headache or anything and I felt fine after 8 hours of sleep.  About 30 minutes into CrossFit this evening, just before we were going to start the Workout of the Day, I lost most of the vision in my right eye.  Suddenly it was like I was looking through a peephole in heavily frosted glass.  It was similar to the migraine aura squiggles I sometimes experience, but obscuring most of my vision.  My left eye was fine and my right eye could see very little.  I walked to the other side of the room to say quietly, “Hey, I just lost the vision in my right eye.  So, uh, if I’m having a stroke and it’s not just really intense migraine aura, or if I get incoherent at home later, take me to the hospital.”  He said my pupils looked oddly dilated, but as I stood there a moment they went back to normal.  About a minute or so later my vision cleared.

I felt normal and did the 5 minute workout of handstand push-ups, kettle bell swings, and sit-ups.  I started the second part of the workout and stopped when my head started to hurt a little.  I’ve felt fine in the hours since, without even minimal head pain or nausea.  And hey, both eyes have complete vision too which is pretty sweet.

July 15, 2009. Links, Projects, Words.

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