Awake before noon on a Saturday!

My alarm went off at 7:25 a.m. today, on a Saturday.  I didn’t get up until 8, but still, that’s unheard of for me.  I had signed up through the volunteer site at work for  6 hours of cleaning at the Junior Achivement BizTown.  JA is a non-profit focused on teaching kids about financial literacy, workplace readiness, and entrepreneurship.  Schools take their 4th and 5th graders to the BizTown for a day of running city hall, creating and selling newspapers, managing an insurance office, etc.  They get a loan in the morning to start the business, then they need to sell goods or services during the to hopefully pay back the loan and make a profit.  The individuals running each business get two paychecks during the day to spend in the Town.  The two Towns are rooms about the size of a small gym, set up with streets and individual stores, most of which are sponsored by their real counterparts.  (The insurance is Allstate, the sports team is the Coyotes, etc.)

The volunteer task was to give the town a thorough cleaning before the next school year starts: scrub diner tables, vacuum and steam clean carpets, that kind of thing.  There were more volunteers than the JA people were expecting so some of us got to assemble curriculum binders while watching music videos on a projector, and everything was still done in only two hours.  I could have enjoyed filling the binders for two more hours, I’ve always loved office supplies.

black & white swimsuit July '09I found myself done at 11:00 instead of 3:00 as expected, so I stopped at  Target to purchase a few things.  I made a list and this time successfully purchased all 3 items from the list — including sunglasses, which happened to be on sale for $5 instead of $10!  I also bought a new swimsuit, which wasn’t actually on the list but I’ve been looking for a new one since May.  And this one was on sale for $10 per piece instead of $15!  I like it when things I’m already going to buy are on sale!

Unfortunately I’m not able to wear my new swimsuit in the backyard pool today, even though it’s 113 degrees and sunny and floating in the pool sure would be nice, because the pool turned green this week.  Can’t see to the bottom in the deep end green.  I bought the necessary supplies to shock the pool and scrub the sides, so maybe even by tomorrow it will be usable again.

Instead of hanging out in the pool, I’m using my gift afternoon to work on the zigzag baby quilt in the comfort of my 82 degree air conditioned home.  Then it’s off to dancing at a club tonight with CrossFit friends!  What a delightful day!

What are you doing on this Saturday!

July 18, 2009. Links, Pictures, Words.

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