Reading about sewing is the same as sewing, right?

I keep finding new blogs about sewing and I’ve spent the past hour jumping from site to tutorial to gallery to blog.  Each gets me excited about making something, and then instead of running to my sewing room to get started right away I click another link and find yet another project I want to try.  My Favorites folder of sewing, craft, and quilting blogs to read keeps growing — soon I’ll spend three hours a day reading the latest from the blogs which will leave zero hours for actually making something of my own.  Here’s what I’ve been browsing this afternoon:

Angry Chicken


Wardrobe Refashion

Veronica Darling’s Crafty Adventures

P.S. I Quilt

July 19, 2009. Links, Words.

One Comment

  1. Leslie replied:

    hi first of all thanks for coming by my blog. i love to hear from anyone that is reading what we are up to. You have nailed it in this post….i think about this often but don’t know how to get that into words exactly. I do the same thing. I spend some much time browsing and getting inspired that i use up any or all sewing time i might have had. some of these blogs that you have mentioned, i love and they always make amazing things, things i dream of making.

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