Sewing Room: Before

I have decided to share the Before pictures I just took of my sewing room, with the theory being that I will post After pictures within a couple months.  It’s gotten so bad that while working on the zigzag baby quilt, I’m really only using my sewing room when I’m sitting at the sewing machine itself.  Everything else — cutting, pressing, arranging, pinning, etc. — I’ve been doing in the spare room next door.  I have acknowledged the depths of the problem, I have motivation from within to change.  The process begins today.

If anybody would like to share Before pictures of their own sewing room or other space clearly in need of some attention, I’ll link to you.  Maybe it’s as small as a junk drawer or as large as a three-car garage, I know you have your own disaster area.  Let’s organize them before the end of the year.  We can call it the Great Space Clean-up of 2009.  Who’s in?

The Sewing Room Partially empty bookshelf Unused dresser
So many piles and boxes Oh look, a sewing machine!

Some things to note:

  • The first picture shows part of my current zigzag baby quilt.
  • There are over half a dozen unpacked boxes sitting around.  We moved into the house 11 months ago.
  • The dresser is still wrapped in the plastic the movers used to hold in all the drawers.  Again, we moved into the house 11 months ago.
  • Does the crumpled paper bag of gift wrapping supplies really need to be in my sewing room?  And could the supplies maybe be kept together by something other than a crumpled paper grocery bag?
  • The closet doors are open because there’s too much stuff in the way to close them.
  • The bottom two pictures show quite a few clear plastic bins and drawers.  In theory, these can be used to hold things other than slightly smaller clear plastic bins.
  • The window had blinds at one point.  They fell on me one day around Christmas when I pulled on the string to open them.  They have been leaning against the window ever since.
  • I regularly vacuum the patch of open floor space, especially before laying any fabric on it.  The patch keeps getting smaller.  I pretend not to notice.

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  1. Mom replied:

    Baby quilt looks fabulous. You have your organizing work cut out for you. Will forward to Bob to see if he will join the challenge on his double rooms upstairs, which out-clutter your photos even (please, dear God let him, please dear God let him, pleeeeeeeease). Good Luck! Love, Mom

  2. amy lee replied:

    um, i TOTALLY have you beat in the ‘before’ – send me a link. i’ll post. my problem is that my sewing room gets cleaned, then a month later it turns into a spare closet. haha – its pretty bad – a big pile!

  3. amandajean replied:

    we’ve been in our house almost two years now and we finally unpacked a box of tools from the garage recently. i can’t imagine why on earth we waited so long… i feel your pain! i love the peek at your zig zag quilt. 🙂

  4. jessica m replied:

    oh my gosh – THANK YOU! finally a “real” craft room! I swear all these gals with perfectly groomed sewing rooms don’t actually use them! hahaha!

  5. 28 Day Organizing Challenge: Before Pictures « Rabbit Style News replied:

    […] Day Organizing Challenge: Before Pictures Remember the Great Space Clean-Up of 2009?  Yeah, that didn’t work out so well.  There was a narrow band of time that showed […]

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