Homemade cloth napkins

A month or two ago I made these floral napkins using clearance $2/yd fabric from Joann.  My plan is to make a set of 8, each with its own combination of patterns.  I like the futzy florals, I think because they remind me of a set of teacups I would admire in a glass-front china cabinet in my grandparents’ dining room when I was a little girl.  That tea set colleciton is now mine, carefully packed in a box somewhere in my sewing room.  After I have completed the Great Space Cleanup of 2009 and finished the set of floral napkins, I will have a tea party and think of my maternal grandmother.

Homemade napkins

July 23, 2009. Tags: , . Pictures, Projects, Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    I like the back pansy pattern which is very like a teacup you have with big flowers on it. Very clever how they are two sided! Good luck reconfiguring/taming your sewing room. tickets to AZ now down to $218

  2. Sandy replied:

    That glass-fronted cabinet sits in our front hall. It is a very valuable piece of 19th century Americana (with mirrors, curved glass and dozens of leaded glass pieces) that your grandparents found in the house at 216 when they moved in in the fall of 1950!

    I have admired that cabinet for over 54 years and am reminded of your grandparents every time I walk by it. It has become a family heirloom, to be passed on.


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