17 Pull-ups!

I did 17 pull-ups in a row at the beginning of today’s CrossFit session, a new personal record.  My previous max was 16 two months ago.

August 1, 2009. Words.


  1. Mom replied:

    Today as in, you’ve been up and out already?
    Way to go.

  2. rabbitstylenews replied:

    No, on Friday. That was posted just after midnight. I set my alarm for noon today because I’m going Goodwill 50% Off Saturday shopping with a friend at 1:00.

  3. Mom replied:

    Pretty neat. Wonder if you found anything. I went to our best used store in Burnsville, which every Tues. is 25% off, and that’s where I found my 3 piece almost new interview outfit, and new veggie shoes, each for $11 (on a Tues.)

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