Productive sewing weekend

I lost the first half of the weekend to a migraine, and then perked up for the rest of it.  I made a pair of pajama pants as a birthday gift using a soft flannel in a boyish hockey print.  Halfway through I was afraid I’d end up posting them on CraftFail because they were huge and weirdly proportioned, and then I made them work by making some changes.  I only halfheartedly followed the pattern and didn’t have any actual measurements to work with, which might have caused some of the initial problems.  I got them done before he returned from a wedding in Cabo and he seems to like them, so I’m calling them a success.  When the camera batteries recharge I’ll post pictures.  I look forward to making another pair of pajama pants, this time for me.

I also made a quick apron using an old red skirt I haven’t worn in years.  I just need to hand sew down the waistband and it’s finished, and then I can make another apron with the other half of the skirt too.

Finally, I pulled out about 10 fabrics from my stash to choose from tomorrow for a baby quilt in light blue, light green, and yellow.  Everytime I’m in my sewing room listening to the adult contemporary lite radio station, I wonder why I don’t sew all the time.  I really like it, I feel relaxed, energized, and focused all at the same time.

August 9, 2009. Projects, Words.

One Comment

  1. amy lee replied:

    Wouldn’t life be awesome if we were ‘relaxed, energized and focused all at the same time’ ALL of the time. Yeah, I would love if I could make this into a life-supporting career…we’ll see…

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