A Race Against Time: Three Quilts by September

I’ve committed myself to finishing (um, and starting) three quilts before the end of the month.  One is a baby quilt for Maggie’s Place, a Catholic nonprofit providing “houses of hospitality” for pregnant homeless women.  I can’t get behind the part of their core values about “protecting the life of the born and unborn child”, although I do want to support the next part about “providing options for women who choose to give life”, even if I wouldn’t use that terminology.  I told them the first baby quilt would be done before September.  I have most of the pieces cut and the white-on-white floral fabric I just bought for sashing is in the washing machine now.  It will come together fairly quickly when I sit down for a block of time next weekend.

The other two quilts are for a company-wide silent auction at my employer’s annual Community Support Campaign, held during September this year.  I’m making another Tetris quilt for it, and I expect the 280,000+ employees to bid highly enough to make me feel validated.  The last one is a very simple quilt to use as a picnic blanket in a wine & cheese picnic basket my department is putting together for the auction.  It will probably be one big nine-patch using material from my stash, and will hopefully take only a couple hours.

This afternoon I’m making a few more floral cloth napkins to use for a small dinner party tonight with my mom and her live-in gentleman friend who are visiting from Minneosta.  Then I’ll be cleaning, baking an angel food cake, prepping dinner, and generally being busy about the house as a happy homemaker.  With the Josh Groban Pandora station providing music, I feel like a 30something  housewife indeed, or what I imagine they’re like — if you’re a 30something homemaker, please feel free to correct me!

August 15, 2009. Tags: , , . Links, Words.

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  1. Mom replied:

    How goes the race?

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